Trendsetter Film Workshop and Mentorship Program

Trendsetter Film Workshops and Mentorship Program gives students a hands on opportunity to make their own film project! Within this session, students are taught four steps of filmmaking and how these steps  relate to life planning. Not only will students learn content creation and distribution they will have in depth sessions on writing, directing, acting, lighting, costuming, and budgeting for film from industry professionals. During the course of this workshop, life skills such as Problem Solving, Team Building, Critical Thinking, and the power of Art Therapy will be taught as well. This workshop is available in multiple formats to work with the scheduling of the school, after school program, or organization requesting it. In addition to the workshop, A.C.T. 4 Life, Inc. offers a Trendsetter Mentorship Program that is available for students in 8th-12th grade. Mentees meet monthly to learn various film techniques, go on film related field trips, and work on projects from the Unscene Film Series. To apply for this free mentorship program click here. 


A.C.T. 4 Life, Inc. is a non-profit organization focused on promoting advocacy & awareness to social problems while inspiring, empowering, and educating youth, specifically those in underprivileged communities, by utilizing plays, films, psas and other artistic forums. These projects help the target audience build discipline, character, productive habits, and self-esteem. 


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