The Unscene Film Series produces docudramas that bring attention to various issues that are "unseen" by the general public. The goal of this series is to provide education and awareness to viewers as well as encouragement, support, and resource options. This series will incorporate interviews with personal testimonies from those affected by the selected topic, interviews from experts on the area, and dramatizations about the topic. Current and former Trendsetter Film Mentees will have an opportunity for a paid intern on these projects.  A.C.T. 4 Life's current project in the Unscene Film Series, is about brain trauma, specifically post concussion syndrome. 


A.C.T. 4 Life, Inc. is a non-profit organization focused on promoting advocacy & awareness to social problems while inspiring, empowering, and educating youth, specifically those in underprivileged communities, by utilizing plays, films, psas and other artistic forums. These projects help the target audience build discipline, character, productive habits, and self-esteem. 


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